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Established 30 years ago, Award Winning Gloucester Chiropractic Clinic offers Specialist Spinal Manipulation, Physiotherapy and Therapeutic/Sports Massage.


small front - neck pain

Chiropractors work on all the joints of the body, concentrating particularly on the spine, using their hands to perform skilled, precise manipulation…read more



small front - physio

Physiotherapists use a number of different techniques including massage, exercise programmes and electrotherapy…read more

Sports Massage

small front - massage

Sports Massage and Massage Therapy has a huge number of benefits to the systems within our body – allowing the body to repair and renew…read more



Federation of Holistic Therapists

We treat

Back pain
Sports injuries
Numbness/ ‘pins and needles’
Arm pain
Neck pain
Leg Pain
Trapped nerves
Shoulder/ elbow/ wrist injuries
Hip/ knee/ ankle injuries

We Offer

Qualified spinal specialism
Accurate diagnosis
X-ray suite
Diverse range of treatments and techniques
No drugs or surgery
Back to health and fitness
Treatment at any age (babies – elderly)

Professional Management

All Practitioners use conventional full consultation and examination. An explanation of findings, diagnosis and clear treatment plan is always offered.

X-Ray Suite

The Clinic has its own fully independent X-ray suite offering accurate diagnosis at competitive rates for appropriate problems.

Specialist Treatment Equipment

The Gloucester Chiropractic Clinic is equipped with dedicated Hi-Lo chiropractic treatment couches. The Physiotherapy suite has a full range of electrotherapy equipment including Ultrasound and Interferential.