25 Years of the Gloucester Chiropractic Clinic

Husband and wife team Charles and Francis Cutts started The Gloucester Chiropractic Clinic in the late Eighties and are now celebrating 25 years in business! Over 12,000 patients have been treated at the clinic for musculoskeletal problems. These vary from back and neck problems, arm and leg joint pains and sports- or gardening injuries. Patients of any age have been attending the clinic, from newly born babies to OAP’s.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary the Gloucester Chiropractic Clinic is holding an OPEN DAY on WEDNESDAY 8th OCTOBER from 12-4 pm at 31 St Michael’s Square, Gloucester GL1 1HX. Prospective and existing patients are welcome to come and meet the team and drink a toast to the occasion.

The clinic offers Chiropractic spinal manipulation as well as Physiotherapy and Therapeutic/ Sports Massage; and has a dedicated X-ray suite, specialised Chiropractic treatment couches and a fully equipped Physiotherapy modality- and Sports Massage room.

The two Chiropractors, Charles and Geoff Long, work alongside Francis the Physiotherapist and Sally Moloney the Massage Therapist. The clinic is run by a dedicated team of Receptionists and a Practice Manager.

The key to the Gloucester Chiropractic Clinic’s success is the friendly approach without compromising their professionalism. Patients are put at ease and reassured, especially when they first visit the clinic, possibly in severe pain and discomfort. Charles and Francis are determined that the clinic retains that friendly, family run atmosphere they tried so hard to create.