Back Pain

Chiropractic Treatment is direct, hands-on and response is normally fast, using non-invasive procedures.

Neck Pain

Specialist spinal manipulation & muscle release techniques follow safe diagnosis to restore normal comfortable function.


We are uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat headaches that originate in the musculoskeletal system.

Joint, Muscle & Ligament Pain

We can accurately diagnose these conditions and offer effective treatments.

Sports Injuries, Gardening & DIY Strains

Chiropractic and Physiotherapy provides pinpoint diagnosis and safe treatments for every day strains and injuries. 

Award Winning Chiropractic Clinic in Gloucester

Professional Clinical Management

All Practitioners use conventional full consultation and examination. An explanation of findings, diagnosis and clear treatment plan is always offered.

Specialist Treatment Equipment

The Gloucester Chiropractic Clinic is equipped with a dedicated Hi-Lo chiropractic treatment couch. The Physiotherapy suite has a full range of electrotherapy equipment including Ultrasound and Interferential.

We Treat

We Offer

Celebrating over 30 Years of Business in Chiropractic Care

Over 13,000 patients have been treated at the clinic for musculoskeletal problems. These vary from back and neck problems, arm and leg joint pains and sports- or gardening injuries. Patients of any age have been attending the clinic, from newly born babies to OAPs.

We are very excited to have relocated the clinic to more spacious accommodation at: 

19 Spa Road Gloucester GL1 1UY

"I am always amazed how quickly my back’s aches and pains disappear after a session or two with Charles. I know so many people with very painful back conditions and cannot understand why they suffer when this fantastic treatment is available."

Wendy S