Joint, Muscle & Ligament Pain - Chiropractic Treatments

Our hip, knee and ankle joints and the shoulder, elbow and wrist joints can be the cause of debilitating pain and stiffness. Sciatica in the leg and numbness in the arms and hands may be the result of spinal conditions. Peripheral joints like the shoulder or knee may be the primary cause of leg or arm pain however. 

Sometimes spinal dysfunction has an adverse effect on normal movements in joints adjacent to the spine, like the hip and shoulder. Combining spinal manipulation and effective peripheral joint Physiotherapy will achieve a better result than either by themselves. 

The Physiotherapist and Chiropractor can accurately diagnose these conditions use effective treatments and cross refer where necessary to optimise results. 

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I want to thank Charles and staff for almost 30 years of excellent care and treatment, and always with a great sense of humour.

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