Back Pain - Chiropractic Treatments in Gloucester

One of the commonest causes of disability and time off work. Back pain takes the joy out of people’s lives and costs the nation large sums in benefits and support. Chiropractors and Physiotherapists swiftly come to an accurate diagnosis using non-invasive procedure and refer for special tests where required. Treatment is direct, hands-on and response is normally fast.

We use diversified manipulative techniques and can treat a broad range of individuals safely from the retired to children and pregnant women.

Specialist equipment means that almost any musculoskeletal condition can be successfully managed.

Treatment is tailored to each individual and rehabilitation and exercises are always part of our home support package.

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Charles & Francis, what would we have done without you?! The whole family comes to the clinic with back, neck and knee problems. All the receptionists are very friendly and helpful. Well done and good luck in your new location.

(T, M & J H)