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Sports are a fundamental part of our lives whether this is high level competitive soccer, running or tennis or lower key but just as vital walking or yoga. Gardening and DIY are also common leisure pursuits. Unfortunately a fact of life is that we do suffer injuries and to fully enjoy an active lifestyle we may need help to overcome these. 

Chiropractic and Physiotherapy will provide effective support for injuries like this and will identify those aspects of longer standing spinal or peripheral joint function that may have predisposed to injury in the first place.

Rehabilitation and support exercises are particularly important here to help us maintain full lives.

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I have been immensely grateful for the treatment I have received at the Gloucester Chiropractic Clinic. Severe back pain has been alleviated in a gentle way, enabling me to walk straight again. Regular check-ups have ensured I have not suffered such pain since and I am able to carry on gardening and lifting as before. Thank you!

(Pam I)​