Physiotherapy Treatments in Gloucestershire

Physiotherapists use a number of different techniques including mobilisation, massage, exercise programmes and electrotherapy (eg. ultrasound and interferential treatment). Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function to as near normal as possible when someone is affected by injury, illness or by developmental or other disability. Physiotherapy uses manual techniques, exercises as well as equipment to speed up recovery and reduce the symptoms. Rehabilitation back to ‘normal life’ is at the foreground. Physiotherapists treat both the problem and help to minimise the impact of their problem whilst attempting to prevent the problem happening again.

Common complaints treated include:

A wide variety of conditions can be helped by Physiotherapy such as sports/gardening injuries, post-operative rehabilitation, neurological or developmental problems and maintenance treatment as well as symptomatic treatment to relieve pain and discomfort in chronic conditions such as arthritis. Different techniques are used and at times the use of electrotherapy (ultrasound/ interferential) can supplement treatment.

Patients can be treated at the clinic as well as being visited at home if necessary.

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As I am housebound since I suffered a stroke, Francis has been treating me on a regular basis at home. The care and attention have kept me as independent as possible and I always look forward to her next visit.

(A. H.)